Sacred Heart of Jesus on 8x16
And she gave birth
Angels and Angels
Antique Blue Enameled Scapular Medal and Freshwater Pearls
Aquamarine earrings
Aquamarine Filigree Pendant
Aquamarine Sacred Heart bracelet
Aquarelle Seam Binding
Baby Boy Burp Pad
Baby Girl Burp Pad
Baby Jesus
Be Charmed
Beveled Oval Ornament with Chandelier Crystal
Bless our Family Handtowel
Blue Leather & Pearls Necklace
Boy with Dog Burp Cloth
Boys Communion Slate
Boys Sepia Communion Slate
Bronze Miraculous Medal and Fleur de Lis Cross
Bronze Pearl Neckllace with Large bronze Commemorative medal
Bronze rosary bead necklace with 3 bronze medals
Bronze Scapular Medal Earrings
Burlap Bags
Cameo Pink Seam Binding
Chocolate Pearls with the Sacred Heart Cross
Christ Crucified
Communion 1
Communion 10
Communion 11
Communion 12
Communion 13
Communion 14
Communion 15
Communion 16
Communion 17
Communion 2
Communion 3
Communion 4
Communion 5
Communion 6
Communion 7
Communion 8
Communion 9
Communion Slate
Confirmation 1
Confirmation 2
Confirmation 3
Confirmation Bracelet
Cream Colored Seam Binding
Crucifix with Angels Bracelet
Crystal filigree necklace
Dusk Blue Seam Binding
Fig Beige Seam Binding
Flight by Murillo
Flight into Egypt
Flour Sack Towels with French Prayers
Garden by Block
Garden by Block
Garden by Block on Wheat Canvas
Garden of Gethsemane
Girls Communion Slate
Grey Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel 3
Guardian on the Bridge
Hail Mary in French
Holy Children with Shell
Holy Children with Shell
Holy Communion
Holy Family
Holy Family
Holy Family at Work
Holy Family at Work
Holy Family Holy Trinity
Holy Family with John and Elizabeth
Holy Family with St. Therese
Holy Images for Slate & Canvas
Holy Spirit Prayer
Home Decor
House Prayer
I am the Immaculate Conception
Immaculate Conception
Immaculate Conception 2
Immaculate Heart
Immaculate Heart 2
Immaculate Heart 3
Infant Jesus
Infant Jesus on Large Tin
Initial Bracelet
Initial Toggle Necklace
Innocence Large Slate
Innocence on Canvas Ready for Framing
Jesus and Children Color 1
Jesus and Children Color 3
Jesus and Children Color 4
Jesus and John at the Beach
Jesus and John at the Beach
Jesus and the Children in Sepia
Joseph by Murillo
Joseph with Jesus
Joseph with Jesus
Joseph with Rose
Lace Blue Seam Binding
Lapis Crufixion Necklace
Lapis Scapular Medal Earrings
Last Supper 2
Last Supper in Color
Last Supper in Sepia
Last Supper in Sepia
Lava Necklace with Large Cross
Leather and Crucifix Bracelet
Leather and pearls with initial charm
Leather Cuff with Antique Stamping
Let Us Love Jesus
Let Us Love Jesus
Light of the World
Lyric Rose Seam Binding
Madonna 10
Madonna 11
Madonna 8
Madonna 9
Madonna and Child 1
Madonna and Child 2
Madonna and Child 3
Madonna and Child 4
Madonna and Child 5
Madonna and Child 6
Madonna and Child 7
Madonna and Child in Sepia
Madonna and Child Pearl Necklace
Madonna and Child with Angels Burp Cloth
Madonna and the Angels
Madonna of the Rosary
Madonna of the Streets
Madonna on Canvas
Madonna with Angels
Madonna with Roses
Madonna with Roses Cross and Pearls
Marian Leather Bracelet
Martha and Mary with Jesus
Mary with Angels
Mater Amabilis
Mater Amabilis
Mater Amabilis 2
Mater Amabilis 3
Mater Amabilis 4
Mater Hand Towel
Miraculous Medal and Taupe Crystals
Miraculous Medal Cord Bracelet
Moonstone Ave Maria Necklace
Moonstone Sacred Heart Cross Bracelet
Mother Mary and Joan of Arc Necklace
Mother Mary Cross Bracelet
Mothers' Necklace
Murillo Blue Madonna on 8x16 Canvas
Muslin 4x6 pouch of Lavender
Muslin Pouch
Nativity 1
Nativity 10
Nativity 11
Nativity 12
Nativity 12 in 8x10 Canvas
Nativity 13
Nativity 14
Nativity 15
Nativity 16
Nativity 17
Nativity 18
Nativity 19
Nativity 2
Nativity 20
Nativity 21
Nativity 22
Nativity 23
Nativity 3
Nativity 4
Nativity 5
Nativity 6
Nativity 7
Nativity 8
Nativity 9
Nests of the Heart
New Orleans Slates
O Cher Petit Jesus
Our Father in French
Our Lady of Divine Grace
Our Lady of Lourdes appeared to St. Bernadette
Our Lady Queen of Heaven
Our Priests
Pearl and Leather Our Lady of Sorrows Necklace
Photography on Wood
Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Prier Burlap Sack
Raggedy Ann Burp Cloth
Rest on Flight
Rest on Flight 2
Rosaries and Tennners
Sacred Heart Color 2
Sacred Heart Black bead bracelet
Sacred Heart Color 1
Sacred Heart in Sepia
Sacred Heart Leather Bracelet
Sacred Heart of Jesus
Sacred Heart Prayer Hand Towel
Sacred Heart with Siam Crystals
Scapular Medal with Pearl Earwires
Sea Moss Seam Binding
SH French Hand Towel
SH Prayer2 Hand Towel
Shepherd Boy
Should Jesus Send Thee Trials
Song of Angels
St. Anne
St. Anne Large Tin
St. Anthony of Padua
St. Anthony/Mary Red Leather & Pearl Necklace
St. Benedict Bracelet
St. Benedict Cord Bracelet
St. Catherine of Siena
St. Christopher
St. Christopher 2
St. Claire of Assisi
St. Francis
St. Francis Bracelet
St. Helena
St. Hubert
St. John
St. Joseph by Chambers
St. Joseph Hand Towel
St. Joseph Lithograph
St. Luke
St. Luke painting the Madonna and Child
St. Nicholas
St. Therese Communion Slate
St. Therese of Lisieux
Steel Shoe Buckle Bracelet
Swarovski Crystal Earrings
Tulip Drop Earrings
Unframed Canvas ready for Framing
Via Dolorosa
Walking with God
Wedding Feast of Cana
Wedding Feast of Cana
Wedding Feast of Cana New Orleans Slate
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